With the cufflinks, the accessory becomes essential

    Long seen as sad and solemn, cufflinks today have again become more popular than ever. It must be said that many designers are giving back to cuff their credentials. Various shapes, bright colors or reproducing funny and offbeat patterns, cufflinks are now an essential accessory for any trendy wardrobe !

    A question of style:
    This accessory does not take up much space and gives all the singularity of a look.
    By themselves, the cufflinks speak volumes about your style and temperament. There is something for everyone ... Just look at the collection EFFET DE MANCHE to understand that all tastes are in nature: silver cylinders for the most classic to the most crazy patterns like cufflinks hamburgers, skulls or red scooters !

    Elegant and easy to wear:
    Everyday wear cufflinks is no longer reserved for the great of this world today, a simple white French shirt associated with jeans, enough to showcase your favorite cufflinks.

    Customizable because you are unique:
    For the most demanding of you sensitive to details and customizing their cufflinks EFFET DE MANCHE offers a collection of engraved models or models including the photo of your choice.

    This is the best day of your life:
    The day arrived and groom must wear CUFFLINKS that resemble it. Modern round ceramic, engraved silver rectangular Yes or "Newlyweds" fantasy with a married couple in 3D, ... everything is possible in EFFET DE MANCHE. The hardest part will be choosing in the collection "Wedding Special". A little side note: do not forget to offer a pair of your witnesses cufflinks, ... they will be very sensitive to this delicate attention.

    And never forget that with the cufflinks, the accessory becomes essential.